Championing Circular Economy: Doing the Right Things Right

Frank Vancraeyveld, CEO tana-Chemie GmbH and Head of the division Werner & Mertz Professional, presented the company’s successful concept of integral sustainability to an international audience at the 19th Forum on Eco-innovation in Seoul

27-28 OCTOBER 2015, SEOUL

Frank Vancraeyveld talked about – the “way to do the right things right” – or in other words - the company’s concept of integral sustainability. By sharing some of best practice examples, Frank Vancraeyveld gave detailed information on the company’s development of formulas based on plant ingredients and with proven biodegradability, the usage of 100% renewable energy for production, Werner & Mertz’ own on-site fresh and waste water treatment centre, and the groundbreaking Recyclate Initiative that provides a way to exploit the previously untapped potential of the “Yellow Bag” (in Germany, plastic waste is collected in yellow bags) as a source for the recycling of post-consumer PET packaging materials and the company’s success in including the PE recyclate in its packaging.“For Werner & Mertz sustainability is not a fad but a company tradition. A credible eco product can come only from a company that consistently pursues sustainability in everything it does – from a company that re-commits itself every day to ecological awareness, economical foresight and social responsibility, stated Frank Vancraeyveld. “Nowadays it is certainly technologically possible to develop highly effective products – in our case that means strong cleaning products – that satisfy the highest environmental standards along the entire value chain. Werner & Mertz succeed only because we have more than 25 years' experience as a European sustainability pioneer”, Vancraeyveld went on.The Eco-innovation Forum, which is held by the European Commission’s Directorate-General of the Environment, is aimed at establishing and spreading sustainable production and consumption systems in line with the ‘Ecoinnovation Action Plan’ issued by the EU in 2011. Recently, the Eco-innovation Forum is being held in countries outside the EU and, in the process, it is contributing to sustainable development in countries across the world. The main goals of the Forum on Eco-innovation are to disseminate innovative eco-friendly ideas, raise awareness of recent research and policy development, to identify key issues requiring action by national governments and the EU, and to encourage innovation through communication. The Forum brings together experts from the worlds of business, finance, technology development, academia and civil society, as well as other relevant stakeholders actively involved in eco-innovation and resource-efficiency.