Efficient all-rounders: simple and safe application for optimum cleaning results

The Ready4U range from Tana- Chemie: fast, safe and efficient all-rounders. Copyright: Tana-Chemie GmbH

What do smeared school desks, soap residue on the sink, dirty countertops in the kitchen and grease stains on a tablecloth have in common? They belong to the everyday cleaning tasks that can become real challenges when it has to be done quickly and without much effort.

The Ready4U range, a series of ready-to-use cleaners from Tana-Chemie, now provides a remedy. From all-purpose cleaners to stain removers and sanitary cleaners, they stand for simple, efficient and safe cleaning:

  • Simple: Direct application without intermediate steps. Manual preparation of the working solution is no longer necessary and overdosing is impossible. The space-saving containers are particularly suitable for sites without separate storage room
  • Efficient: fast and cost-effective cleaning guarantee optimal results in just a few seconds.
  • Safe: 80% of the cleaners allow foam application for cleaning without aerosol formation. The formulations and packaging of our Green Care Professional brand are safe for the user and the environment.
The Ready4U range includes a wide range of Green Care Professional products. Ready to use in the spray bottle made of 100% recycled plastic, the formulations certified with the EU Ecolabel and Cradle to Cradle® are naturally biodegradable. Generally free of toxic and harmful ingredients as well as allergens - always the right choice!