Interclean 2022: Tana-Chemie turns customers into circular economy heroes

At last, live on site again. After a strictly digital interaction in 2020, Interclean Amsterdam returns to the Netherlands capital this year from 10 to 13 May. Participating once again is the Professional Division of Werner & Mertz, Tana-Chemie GmbH. The presence of the Mainz eco pioneer revolves around the sustainable circular economy. With innovative products, services and digital tools, Tana-Chemie provides cross-industry support aimed at accelerating the transition to the circular economy.

"Sustainability in professional cleaning depends as much on the products as on the skills of the users. So we are very happy to be able to meet our customers personally and help them to shape their sustainable future," says Thomas Ulbricht, head of the Professional Division at Werner & Mertz. "With our Green Care Professional brand products, we support the goals of the European Green Deal for a waste-free circular economy. Our special training program is aimed at strengthening the skills of cleaning experts and managerial staff."

Visitors to the Interclean booth with the number 05.311 will see exactly what that looks like on a digital presentation wall. "There we will show, among other things, our customers' sustainability achievements," Thomas Ulbricht says. "Thanks to Green Care, they have become true heroes of the circular economy. With our products and services, others can be a part of this success story too.“

Major topics at the Tana-Chemie booth at Interclean:

  • Green Care Academy
The Green Care Academy is an innovative continuing education program for cleaning professionals. On the newly developed eLearning platform, professional cleaning staff will find practical explanatory videos that convey easily understood information for use in daily routine work. Users have access to the information from anywhere at any time so they can watch the clips as often as needed and check what they've learned by answering some questions. Besides the eLearning system, Green Care Academy offers Web seminars and live training for management, department heads, building and cleaning managers

  • Green Care Performance Calculator
With the free online tool, companies can find out how much they can reduce their own ecological footprint by switching to sustainable cleaning products. The Performance Calculator shows how many tons of plastic waste, crude oil and greenhouse gases are avoided through the use of environmental and climate-friendly products from Green Care Professional. The tool helps companies to obtain certification, including co-branding, and assists with bid preparation for contracts based on sustainable procurement criteria.

  • KLIKS – Bag-in-Box and Pouch
With KLIKS Tana-Chemie presents a dosing system for kitchen hygiene and building cleaning that permits precisely controlled dispensing of cleaning products. Until now, the recyclable, highly concentrated Green Care products were available in ultra-light KLIKS boxes, which could be attached to dosing devices over the integrated connector. In the newly developed system "KLIKS – Pouch", the Green Care concentrate is in resource-conserving, space-saving plastic pouches that can be hung on the wall.

  • Ready 4 U and Quick & Easy
Under the slogan "Ready 4 U", Tana-Chemie offers a broad selection of ready-to-use solutions suitable for simple, efficient and safe cleaning in all areas of application. Direct product use without any intermediate steps leads to ideal results within seconds.

The mobile two-cartridge dosing system Quick & Easy also will be presented at this year's Interclean. The cleaning concentrate is diluted with the required amount of water right in the foam spray nozzle for effortless use anytime and anywhere.