No compromises for people or nature!

erlebnistage Harz uses uncompromising, sustainable professional cleaners

Nature is key to the day-to-day work at erlebnistage Harz, a non-profit association located in the impressive central mountains of the Harz region in northern Germany that wants to bring the natural world home to school children on class trips and adults on group tours. Without making any compromises. Everyone can get involved, including people with disabilities of any kind. There’s an outdoor wheelchair that makes hiking possible and a specially constructed swing in the treetops. No compromises are made with people and, for the Tana-Chemie customer using Green Care Professional for cleaning, no shortcuts are taken on its consistently sustainable journey. Our jointly produced image video wants to inspire others to imitate erlebnistage Harz.

Dirk Markert, Facilities Manager at erlebnistage Harz: “Problems like bark beetles, heat damage, storms and droughts are more visible in the Harz than ever before. Climate change has arrived on our doorstep — with catastrophic consequences. If we don’t act now, it’ll be too late.” In its enthusiasm for sustainable action, erlebnistage Harz has decided in favor of sustainable cleaning with Green Care Professional products. The organization impressed Tana-Chemie, manufacturer of sustainable professional cleaning products. “Making no compromises, not for people or the environment — that’s a good match with our philosophy! We deliberately chose to shoot a video featuring erlebnistage Harz as a relatively small customer. After all, every bit helps and with this message we want to inspire everyone to lead a sustainable lifestyle,” says Tana-Chemie Marketing Manager Jennifer Heidecker.

The Harz region is undergoing momentous change. Not too long ago, the witch’s hut shown here stood in the middle of the forest. As more trees die off, it is becoming difficult to find trees that are stable enough for climbing activities. It’s impossible to overlook the urgent need to act and live sustainably. © Tana-Chemie GmbH.

The joint image video, one of many success stories about Green Care Professional customers, is available now on Youtube and the Website . It is intended to encourage other companies to action and awaken their interest in sustainable solutions. Learn more about erlebnistage Harz and sustainability in the film.

“Every little thing I do has an effect at some point and if I want to change something, I have to start somewhere. Don’t compromise and don’t point fingers at others“ is the motto of erlebnistage Harz. “I can’t preach sustainability and then compromise when it comes to cleaning products.” © Tana-Chemie GmbH.