The "PUSH AND DOSE" system

  • Safe
  • Intuitive
  • Sustainable

Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM GOLD formulations for faster and better cleaning and outstanding results

Fusion - the "plug-and-play" installation - is a system by green care PROFESSIONAL with ultra-concentrated green-Effective formulations. The premium-quality dispenser enhances a simple installation of the cartridge and an intuitive application, making training obsolete. The constant dosing assures continuous high performance and full cost control for both, attractive use concentration and cost-in-use. The Fusion products combine highest ecological standards in product development and performance with the latest sustainable formulation options, meeting the special needs of food processing areas. The green-Effective formulations contribute to the preservation of human health and nature.

  • Adjust dosing
  • Insert product
  • Push & dose

Choose from a range of products for kitchen hygiene.

Kitchen Hygiene

The ultra-concentrated Fusion formulations paired with the self explanatory default dosing guarantee highest performance.