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Werner Mertz green care PROFESSIONAL recycling waste PET sustainable producer

Our Pioneering Concept: The Recyclate Initiative


Nowadays, million tons of plastic waste are collected and destined for recycling (in Germany, they are collected in yellow bags), but even so the majority of them is incinerated. The re-use of PET recyclates could save thousands of liters of oil and require much less energy to re-produce new plastic.

Werner & Mertz has developed a pioneering concept. Its Recyclate Initiative aims, with the help of a new sorting technology (high-speed laser spectroscopy), to recover recyclate of high quality from the Yellow Bag. With the use of this new sorting technology, we have been able to produce PET bottles made of up to 100% recycled PET waste.

In addition, all 1l bottles of our sustainable green care Professional brand are made from 100% old plastic - completely from the yellow sack (waste collection and separation performed by the German "Duales System Deutschland - Grüner Punkt").
Since May 2018, we have also been producing 50% of our 5-litre canisters from old plastic and will increase this proportion to 100% by the end of 2018.
The CO2 savings with our green care PROFESSIONAL products can be calculated on get.wmprof.com.

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