WISAG takes another step towards achieving its environmental goals

The WISAG Gebäudereinigung takes a further step towards its corporate vision goal to use predominantly ecological products and procedures by 2020 and be a market benchmark for the protection of the environment. The experts of WISAG will focus in the future on the cleaning solutions of Werner & Mertz Professional that are Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified™.

“We serve thousands of customers nationwide who all benefit from the commitment of products being certified for their sustainability“, stated Wolfgang Jansen, Managing Director at WISAG Gebäudereinigung Holding, during the symbolic handover of the first products. The utilised cleaning solutions are TANET SR 15, SANET perfect, GLASS cleaner and TAWIP vioclean. All of them are part of the brand green care PROFESSIONAL, whose range of products has been the first worldwide in the professional cleaning industry to be awarded with the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold“ certification by EPEA. The internationally renowned institute commended the products and their materials for the fact that they are suitable for a safe and complete return in the biosphere or for a high quality recovery.

Mr Jansen also underlined: „We have already been using the products of Werner & Mertz Professional. We regularly review the technical, ecological and economic aspects of these products“. This way, WISAG ensures that at any time the most appropriate products are utilised. In addition to this, Werner Schulze, Managing Director of the German and Swiss Division at Werner & Mertz Professional, emphasized: „The deployment of the certified products is the proof that profitability and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive, but rather can complement each other.“ He was delighted to acknowledge it together with WISAG, one of the biggest market players in Facility Management. (Photo: Thomas Häfner)