Pioneering achievements: Bottle out of 100% recycled plastic out of the public waste collection system

Berlin/ Mainz, September 2017

The packaging of the green care PROFESSIONAL cleaner TANET SR15 is the world’s first bottle made of 100% PE recyclate, an achievement which is honoured with packaging prizes in 2016 and 2017. As a pioneer, we take 100% used plastic out of the public waste collection system Yellow Bag to create the packaging. Furthermore, the lived circular conception assures that our “Wellfeel bottles” can be reborn as new “Wellfeel bottles”. This conscious use of plastic contributes to prevent marine litter.

The pioneering packaging initiative of green care PROFESSIONAL is honoured with the PackTheFuture Award in 2017 and the German Packaging Prize 2016 in the category „Sustainability“ and the additional Gold designation. For the first time in the world, packaging made of 100% PE recyclates from the Yellow Bag is being produced in Mainz for the 1 litre well-feel bottle of green carePROFESSIONAL cleaner TANET SR 15. Starting from October 2017, all 1 litre “Wellfeel bottles” are made of 100% HDPE recyclate. Furthermore, also first successful tests to change the 5 litre jerry cans to recyclate-packaging have been carried out.

All PET bottles of green care PROFESSIONAL have a recyclate proportion of 100 per cent. Until recently the PET recyclates were obtained from sorted bottles in the beverage industry. Since 2016, 20 per cent of the PET recyclates comes from the Yellow Bag recycling system. Werner & Mertz Professional is convinced that the ecological orientation of the cleaning and laundry products should not be limited to raw materials and formulas. The ecological assessment of products has to consider packaging design and composition too. In collaboration with DSD (Duales System Deutschland), the most popular operator for waste separation in Germany, and the Development Department at ALPLA, NABU, the sorting technology specialist UNISENSOR and the REWE group the Werner & Mertz Group pushes the Recyclate Initiative as an open innovation. The aim is to attain more sustainability in packaging and waste management. Therefore, the Recyclate Initiative targets a better reuse of waste from the Yellow Bag as a large portion of used packaging is not suitably recycled nowadays.

Lately, the Recyclate Initiative draws a lot of attention. We were mentioned as best practice in the Catalyzing Action report of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and could present our achievements at the G20 summit workshop this year in March. Our aim is to expand the sustainable cleaning market in the commercial cleaning sector. Resolving the apparent contradiction between ecology and the effectiveness of cleaning products is our main concern. As an eco-pioneer, we want to push the commercial cleaning sector‘s development with integrally sustainable, high performance cleaning and hygiene solutions that are economically attractive.