Translating circular product innovation into sustainable economic success

Werner & Mertz Professional announces circular economy tool, nominated for RAI Interclean Innovation Award in Amsterdam

The green-Effective Performance Calculator™ is a digital marketing solution for sustainable businesses.

It converts circular product design into a business advantage, certifying individual oil, plastics and CO2 savings of using sustainable cleaning products with up to 100% recycled packaging. Launching in May 2018, it got nominated for the Innovation Award of RAI Interclean, “the” international meeting of cleaning professionals.

‘”The tool helps to secure access in an evolving market and focusses on tenders, offers and green branding. But the impact already goes beyond the cleaning industry”, says Frank Vancraeyveld, CEO of the company, based in Mainz, Germany. “The whole world is talking about circular economy as a concept and is looking for solutions. We do it and have been many times recognized for it, now we put it into the hands of our customers to make it their business advantage. We prepare businesses for a market shift towards a true circular economy, supported by policy changes and regulatory demands.”

In Green Public Procurement (GPP), a part of the EU circular economy strategy package, circular design and certifications like Cradle-to-Cradle® are already being named as a criterion for public tenders. Werner & Mertz is the Winner of the 2018 WorldStar Award of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) together with its partner ALPA and “Grüner Punkt” – creating products made of up to 100% recycled plastics from private household waste collections. Werner & Mertz PROFESSIONAL is well known for its green-Effective circular design approach, having a range of almost 60 eco-labelled and soon 40 Cradle-to-Cradle® certified green care PROFESSIONAL products.

Industry best practise

Circular design expert Immo Sander will speak at Zero Waste LAB and be on stage on 15th and 16th of May.
Circular design expert Immo Sander will speak at Zero Waste LAB and be on stage on 15th and 16th of May. ×

At the RAI Interclean it will also be industry best practise at the Zero Waste LAB.

“It is not trivial to establish processes for the manufacturing of 100% recycled plastics. Especially our products made of recycled HDPE and PP polymers are a result of our pioneering role and our longtime cooperation with our partners in the open innovation Recyclate Initiative”, says Immo Sander, Head of Packaging Development at Werner & Mertz.

Information sharing, transparency and collaboration have been widely recognised as essential catalysts for a circular economy. The EU supports waste management solutions with up to 5.5 billion Euros, seeking to reduce the amount of single-used plastics and looking for a 2030 target of 100% recyclable plastics.

“To use one’s ‘waste’ as resource for another, stakeholders need to take action at the right time,” says Reinhard Schneider, owner and CEO of the Werner & Mertz Group. “We give plastic-waste a value and keep the planet clean. The value stays in a closed loop and everybody shares the economic benefit – for a cleaner future for people and planet.”

Many business leaders and politicians across Europe already embrace the circular economy as a path to increasing growth and profitability, using networks like the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform to facilitate the exchange of expertise and good practices. “We first met in 2015, and you should all be very proud of the shift that has occurred in the past three years. Never before has there been such a strong global consensus of the need to change our economic model. Only working together we will get the results we need,” stated Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission at the latest conference held in Brussels from 20-21 of February.

Werner & Mertz Professional in Belgium and the Netherlands, Italy, France, Austria, Poland, and tana-Chemie in Germany with export activities all over the world form the B2B division of Werner & Mertz, based in Mainz / Germany, a producer of integral sustainable efficient and affordable cleaning solutions.

Werner & Mertz is a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy and initiator of the Recyclate Initiative for the full recycling of plastics. At the Interclean in Amsterdam, from 15th to 18th of May, W&M Professional will have the green-Effective Performance Calculator™ at booth 5.321, and also be present at Zero Waste Management LAB, Healthcare Cleaning Forum and the Interclean Innovation LAB.

Circular design expert Immo Sander will speak at Zero Waste LAB and be on stage on 15th and 16th of May.