European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards

Werner & Mertz Professional sponsored the the category “sustainability – best practice”. Frank Vancraeyveld (CEO tana-Chemie GmbH & head of the professional division) handed the award to the winner Incentive QAS Ltd. / Foto: European Cleaning Journal

Werner & Mertz Professional has been sponsoring the European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards for several years now and proudly supports this valuable event of the European Cleaning Journal which highlights the importance of sustainability within the professional cleaning sector. This year’s award ceremony took place in London on October 17th and was, as always, a European industry summit.

As the sponsor of the category “sustainability – best practice”, Werner & Mertz Professional had the honour of handing the award to Incentive QAS Ltd., the winner of this category. Furthermore, Werner & Mertz Professional was particularly pleased that Gerlinde Tröstl, the managing director (Austria) of Markas, one of our most important clients, was rewarded as “Leader of the year”. As a service company in the professional cleaning sector, Markas was honored for its outstanding sustainable activities and standards as well as the exceptional commitment of Gerlinde Tröstl to her employees.

After several years of sponsoring the European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards, Werner & Mertz Professional is still passionate about this event: „We support the […] Awards because it is one of a few awards recognising excellence in the professional cleaning for both, cleaning companies and in-house facility services“,Frank Vancraeyveld (CEO tana-Chemie GmbH & head of the professional division) says.

Mainz, 31 October 2019