Together against marine litter: Blue Flag and green care PROFESSIONAL partner to tackle ocean pollution

Blue Flag has entered a partnership with the Werner & Mertz Professional eco-brand green care PROFESSIONALto fight ocean pollution. By joining forces, the partners want to generate a greater appreciation for the coastal environment as well as to increase awareness of circular and microplastic-free packaging.

As of the start of 2020, green care PROFESSIONAL is the official partner of the non-profit Blue Flag international programme. Blue Flag dedicates its actions to promoting sustainability in the coastal tourism sector by working with beaches, marinas and tourism boats.

The primary purpose of this partnership is the organisations’ mutual commitment to working proactively to conquer ocean and coastline pollution. The partnership between green care PROFESSIONAL and Blue Flag is a natural fit for two organisations who value Blue Flag’s vision of “Pure water, clean coasts, safety and access for all”. Green care PROFESSIONAL supports clean oceans and coastlines by producing sustainable and ecological cleaning products using packaging that is made 100% from post-consumer waste, is microplastic-free and is fully recyclable.

Green care PROFESSIONAL will support Blue Flag in their mission to educate the public about the dangers of ocean and coastal pollution. The company will also offer its unique products to help businesses achieve the goal of using cleaning products that are safe for people and the environment.

The common mission is to join forces to promote a sustainable and circular economy in the coastal-related tourism sector. “Not only is global pollution a problem and climate change anyone’s concern – it will also destroy the business foundation of touristic businesses around the world – nature – if not tackled now”, says Frank Vancraeyveld (CEO of Werner & Mertz Professional).Werner & Mertz is a pioneer when it comes to one of the most important issues regarding ocean pollution: recycling. All green care PROFESSIONAL products provide the highest eco-efficiency and performance and lower the environmental footprint by using 100% recycled packaging and organic and renewable raw materials. With their intelligent microplastic-free packaging made entirely of recycled post-consumer plastic waste, Werner & Mertz really contributes to reducing the pollution of the seas and coasts. But they don’t stop at sustainable products and packaging – they work to ensure sustainability along the entire production and value chain. Plant-based raw materials, renewable energy and recycled water are all key components of their responsible production process.One of the key goals of the partnership between Blue Flag and green care PROFESSIONAL is to raise public awareness of the importance of clean oceans and coastlines through education and information. “We educate to protect. To protect not just our environment but the people who live in it, the communities who depend on it, the businesses who profit from it and the ecosystems which rely on it”, says Sophie Bachet Granados (International Blue Flag Director). A useful way of demonstrating the positive changes that can be made by choosing the right cleaning products is the green care performance calculator ( This calculator shows how much plastic, crude oil and CO2 an establishment can save just by choosing a circular-designed product where reuse, recycling and renewable energies and materials are the focus.

About Blue Flag:


Blue Flag is an international programme headquartered in Copenhagen (Denmark), operated by the Foundation for Environmental Education and is one of the most recognized voluntary eco-labels for beaches. The programme dedicates all its actions to promoting sustainability in the tourism sector of the coastal environment. The Blue Flag award is a leading standard awarding beaches, marinas and tourism boats which meet their comprehensive and strict criteria in terms of environmental management, safety for people and environment, accessibility and education. The high standards that are expected of the businesses that aim to achieve this prestigious award are maintained through rigorous documentation and frequent audits.