SANET plus

Santan plus

Sanitary maintenance cleaner


Main Features

  • Easy and safe application
  • Efficient and economic


Product Profile

  • SANET plus is ready to use maintenance cleaner for intensively used bath and sanitary areas.
  • The high-performing formulation based on amidosulforic- and citric acid. Quickly and without any difficulties dissolves incrustations and guarantees shining cleanliness without stripes or residues.
  • SANET plus must be used in the QUICK & EASY system which means no product mixings is necessary, products is dosed automatically via trigger and  can be used up completely.
  • SANET plus leaves a fresh fragrance and is especially economical due to a long product reach.
  • With corrosion inhibitor for maximum material-safety.

Sales Units

Order No.
713146 6 x 325 mL