Just plug and FOAM-SPRAY

  • Mobile
  • Exact dosing
  • Safe working

Disinfection and Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM GOLD formulations for faster and better cleaning

Quick & Easy- just plug and „foam-spray“- is a new system by green care PROFESSIONAL, providing a concept for mobile, exact dosing and safe working with a clever packaging design. The product system convinces as a mobile dosing system for safe and ergonomic cleaning. Now available for disinfection, also the health care and food industry benefit from the Quick & Easy advantages. On top of this, the new generation of Quick & Easy comes with connected application training, enabling a quick start also for newcomers into the commercial cleaning sector.The concentrated formulations come in an exchangable cartridge for a large application area and are paired with a refillable warter cartridge. Via the automatic dilution the product application is activated and the foam which is created can be applied onto a cloth or on the surface to be cleaned. Thanks to the lock-and-key system there is a guarantee for no product spillage or contamination and full product utilisation and provides hereby maximum user safety.

Choose from a comprehensive range of products for disinfection as well as sanitary, kitchen and universal cleaning.

Sanitary Cleaning

Quick & Easy sanitary products for maintenance cleaning and lime removal.

  • SANET daily Quick&Easy

    Sanitary Maintenance Cleaner

    Powerful against lime soap with a pleasant smell

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  • SANET power Quick&Easy

    Sanitary Power Cleaner

    High performing, effective against lime scale and fast action time

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Kitchen Hygiene

The Quick & Easy kitchen products are ideal for grease removal and disinfection in kitchen areas.

  • GREASE off Quick&Easy

    Universal Kitchen Cleaner

    Ideal for grease removal in kitchen areas

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  • APESIN kitchen Quick&Easy

    Disinfectant Kitchen Cleaner

    A disinfectant cleaner for food processing areas with a broad activity against bacteria, and yeast in the food area

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Surface cleaning

Quick & Easy offers a complete range for maintenance and intensive surface cleaning and disinfection.

  • TANEX performa Quick&Easy

    Powerful Cleaner

    Its powerful formulation acts quickly and shows excellent stain removal properties for all types of adhesive soilings

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  • TANET interior Quick&Easy

    Universal Surface Cleaner

    This product convinces with outstanding cleaning results and can be versatilely used, e.g. for window cleaning

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  • APESIN multi Quick&Easy

    Disinfectant Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    With a broad activity against bacteria, and yeast in institutional and public areas

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