Join the SMART-generation

  • Flexible dosing
  • Safe application
  • Packaging with post-consumer recycled material

Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM GOLD certified formulations for faster and better cleaning with a product design created to fit the circular economy

Smart - join the Smart-Generation - is a system by green care PROFESSIONAL with innovative green-Effective formulations with an exceptional performance at lowest dosage. With its new Smart membrane technology the products ensure flexible and safe dosing. Just dose without the need of additional dosing accessories or personal protective equipment or time consuming trainings. The membrane prevents accidental product spillage.

Choose from a comprehensive range of products for sanitary, kitchen, daily floor and surface cleaning.

Sanitary Cleaning

Smart sanitary products for maintenance cleaning and lime removal.

  • SANET inoSmart

    High Performance Sanitary Cleaner

    Effectively removes lime scale, lime soap, dirt and water stains while leaving a pleasant scent and convinces with high material compatibility and streak- and residue free cleaning results.

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Kitchen Hygiene

Smart kitchen cleaners include a skin friendly manual warewashing detergent, and a high performance degreaser.

  • MANUDISH neoSmart

    High Performance Manual Dishwashing Liquid

    Skin-friendly yet strong degreasing formulation in combination with great foaming properties.

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  • GREASE optiSmart

    High Performance Kitchen Cleaner

    Remarkable wetting, degreasing, and cleaning qualities for different surfaces in food processing areas.

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Daily Floor and Surface Cleaning

Smart daily floor and surface range offers solutions for maintenance cleaning, and care.

  • TANET alcoSmart

    High Performance Floor and Surface Cleaner

    Ensures easy and efficient removal of dirt and grease from different kinds of floorings, such as porous stone floors or hydrophobic PUR surfaces and leaves refreshing scent of grapefruit when in use.

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  • TAWIP novoSmart

    High Performance Floor Cleaner and Care

    Includes coconut soap with self-shining attributes which nourishes floor for increased protection.

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