C2C expert talks Milano 2015

Werner & Mertz: the lighthouse of integral sustainability

30th September 2015, Milano

Frank Vancraeyveld, CEO of Werner & Mertz Professional, enthused about the company’s philosophy at the international C2C-Expert talks addressed to the “economy of the future”. With some “best-practise” examples such as own on-site fresh and water treatment, the “Recyclate Initiative” and “European Surfactants Initiative”, Frank illustrated the way Werner & Mertz lives integral sustainability following its motto of “doing right things right”.As the latest example of how this motto is lived at Werner & Mertz, Frank proudly presented the newly introduced Smart bottle concept. Following its principle of “designing packaging with ‘maximum’ sustainability”, the company has recently succeeded in integrating 30% of "post-consumer PE (Poly-Ethylene) recyclates" into the packaging of the SMART products, the maximum technically reachable nowadays. “Today we absolutely use NO "virgin" material in our PET packaging. We market only PET bottles made of 100% recyclates and we are committed to pursuing this approach with HDPE too,” stated Frank Vancraeyveld.More than 70 participants from all across Europe met in Milano in order to share their experiences and discuss the next steps to spread the concept of circular economy. CEOs of eight Cradle to Cradle® companies presented their stories about the implementation of Cradle to Cradle® in Design, Processes, Production and shared their challenges which they had to face to achieve the certification. Coming from different industries the attendees shared the idea that Cradle to Cradle® is not their final goal, but a very important tool to continuously improving their environmental management. (Photo: Martin Pabis, Animaldesign A-Graz)