The new generation of Quick & Easy: With connected application training and a widened application field for kitchen and surface disinfection cleaning

Berlin/ Mainz, September 2017

The product system QUICK & EASY from Werner & Mertz Professional convinces as a mobile dosing system for safe and ergonomic cleaning. Now available for disinfection, also the health care and food industry benefit from the QUICK & EASY advantages. On top of this, the new generation of Quick & Easy comes with connected application training, enabling a quick start also for newcomers into the commercial cleaning sector.

The new generation of QUICK & EASY promises a quick start with the connected application training. All products carry a QR code on their labels leading to training videos for different application areas and further product information directly at the point of use. With the multi-lingual connected application training, we support the users directly during the cleaning process at any time. The connected application training offers also for newcomers a good way to learn about the cleaning procedures of the different application areas.

Illustrative videos visualise the cleaning process and give valuable hints to clarify typical application mistakes. The training videos cover the professional cleaning and disinfection of hotel rooms, office rooms, doctor’s rooms, sanitary areas, classrooms, and kitchen areas. Moreover, a free offline platform for direct, boundless support will be available from beginning of next year. It allows the building coordinator to easily access segment specific training. Furthermore, all product and sustainable information and safety data sheets are directly accessible from this platform, and a 24/7 support is given.

Building on the success of QUICK & EASY, the mobile dosing system for safe and ergonomic cleaning, we have extended the application field for this green care PROFESSIONAL system with disinfection. Thanks to the wide offer of QUICK & EASY concentrations, all cleaning and disinfection demands in sanitary, kitchen, and on surfaces are now covered by one mobile dosing system. The five green-Effective cleaning concentrates cover universal and power cleaning for sanitary, kitchen and surfaces. New, the two disinfecting formulas allow disinfection with the QUICK & EASY system. The multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner APESIN multi Quick & Easy is versatile in use for all water resistant surfaces in institutional areas, like public facilities, offices or gyms, but also suitable in nursing homes, doctor’s surgeries, and old people’s homes. To disinfect food-processing areas, our APESIN kitchen Quick & Easy is well suited.

QUICK & EASY’s plug-and-play system allows to “foam-spray” every surface fast and safe. Cleaning formulation and water are mixed automatically while spraying and all you need can be carried on a belt. The water cartridge is refillable everywhere, thus walking ways to central dosing installations are redundant. The five green-Effective cleaning formulations are Cradle to CradleTM GOLD certified, material health even reach platinum level. Furthermore they are all certified with the EU Ecolabel.