Simpler cleaning with the green-Effective TRAINING APP

tana-Chemie / Werner & Mertz PROFESSIONAL counts on digital learning success and ensures user safety with an entertaining app

Safe, clean and fast are words the cleaning industry likes to hear in connection with a product's performance. But what about the performance of their employees? At Interclean 2018 in Amsterdam tana-Chemie and Werner & Mertz PROFESSIONAL are presenting a newly developed app based on the QR codes introduced last year. "We see the green-Effective TRAINING APP as a type of platform for self-guidance in daily work," says Frank Vancraeyveld, managing director of the Werner & Mertz PROFESSIONAL business.

The green-Effective TRAINING APP can be installed free of charge and used offline, a feature required in everyday situations when cleaning personnel are deep in a building and need access to documents and instructions. For property managers the app is a process tool that can be integrated in a quality management system.

In the app the products are sorted by industry segment (public buildings or hotels) instead of application area (surface cleaning) as on the Website Tiles guide the user directly to the right area, such as wet rooms or kitchen, where suitable products are presented. All relevant documents, including safety data sheets and technical sustainability information, can be downloaded.

Training videos and QR Codes

High-quality training videos show the product and service requirements for the room in question. They cover topics that include how the product is dosed correctly, which special product safety regulations have to be observed, and what ideal time management for cleaning might look like. Alternatively, the app's integrated QR scanner can read in the QR code on the product bottle and direct the user to the training videos and the documents on the Website. The QR code scanner can also be used for other QR codes such as the company's own operating instructions.

"Employees in building cleaning will be even more efficient and flexible with the green-Effective TRAINING APP," said Vancraeyveld. His maxim: "A cleaning product not only wants to be used, but understood too."

The green-Effective TRAINING APP from Werner & Mertz can be downloaded at no charge from Google Playstore (for android) or AppStore (for iOS).

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