Sustainable odor elimination that's safe for users and the environment

Safe and sustainable odor elimination with BIOBACT clean and BIOBACT scent. Copyright: Tana-Chemie GmbH.

Bad smells can cause discomfort in certain places and situations. Where public traffic is high or room usage is intense, a conventional cleaner quickly reaches its limits.

But that's not a problem for BIOBACT scent and BIOBACT clean, the two bio technological cleaners from Tana-Chemie! To eliminate unpleasant odors permanently and to enhance cleanliness, BIOBACT uses 100% natural microorganisms. Based on non-pathogenic "good bacteria", the microorganisms in both BIOBACT products penetrate very small spaces and crevices, effortlessly destroy grime, eliminate unpleasant smells and leave behind a fresh, pleasant scent.

BIOBACT products are delivered in sustainable bottles made of 100% recycled plastic from the "Yellow Bag". Their ingredients are fully biodegradable and made from 100% natural microorganisms. So both biological and technical cycles are respected. We adhere strictly to a circular economy policy and make our products safe for people, the climate and the environment.

BIOBACT clean is a pH neutral all-purpose cleaner

  • When used regularly, it even prevents new accumulations of organic dirt and grime.
  • Suitable for all water-resistant floors and surfaces such as tile, linoleum, PVC and ceramic
  • Perfect odor eliminator for bath and sanitary facilities or kitchens
BIOBACT clean online

BIOBACT scent is a material-friendly odor eliminator

  • Effectively breaks down organic substances such as urine and food residues
  • Very well suited for fabrics, carpets and furniture
  • First-class assistant in bath and sanitary facilities and on all water-resistant flooring
BIOBACT scent online