Label-free and certified - TANEX power, the powerful all-rounder for all cases

School desks smeared with ballpoint pen ink, marker marks and stamp ink on office work surfaces, stubborn dirt on plexiglass surfaces are just a few examples of the daily challenges in building cleaning.

A new sustainable product from Tana-Chemie brings now the solution. The tried and tested all-rounder TANEX power is now coming onto the market as a Green Care Professional product. Excellent for removing stains and stubborn dirt, it is perfect for cleaning a variety of matt, high-gloss and textured plastic and plastic-coated surfaces, indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the new material-friendly formula, TANEX power can also be used on Plexiglas® and acrylic glass and it is not called “power” without reason. Despite the wide range of possible uses on a wide variety of materials, the high performance remains as high as the previous product.

Quick and easy to use, TANEX power saves time and money. The practical, ready-to-use spray bottle can be refilled again and again from the 5 l canister. TANEX power is also pleasantly perfumed and label-free and certified with the EU Ecolabel certification. A plus on all levels.