Kliks – a new green care PROFESSIONAL system for more confidence in mechanical warewashing and laundry

Berlin/ Mainz, September 2017

Werner & Mertz Professional introduces a unique green-Effective system for mechanical warewashing and laundry promissing with Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM concentrates and a clever packaging design, compact efficiency while offering at the same time integrated user safety. We are proud to present Kliks, the first Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM system for mechanical warewashing and laundry.

Kliks, the new green care PROFESSIONAL system promises more confidence in warewashing and laundry. The concentrated formulas come in a compact, lightweight bag-in-box solution ensuring an ergonomic installation. Via the practical colour-coded Kliks connector, the products can be easily exchanged and connected to the right pump. Kliks is designed as a closed system and hereby provides maximum user safety and hygiene. The bag-in-box solution guarantees a complete emptying of the product and a low level alarm signalises a required product change. For disposal, the bag can be easily removed from the carton box and both recyclable materials can be disposed in a space-saving way.

The Kliks system is available for mechanical warewashing and starting from Q1/2018 also for mechanical laundry. It consists of high concentrated products filled into a bag-in-box solution, which are mounted on a multi-purpose holder. The holder offers a practical off-floor solution on walls, shelves or on the floors providing highest efficiency and flexibility regardless of the available space. The Kliks connector, linking the product to the pump, enables a quick and spill-free product exchange making it to a perfect choice in terms of convenience. The practical colour-coding assures that the product is connected to the right pump. The Kliks system by green care PROFESSIONAL shines out as a pioneer, offering the first Cradle to CradleTM Certified range for mechanical warewashing and laundry. For warewashing Kliks provides both solutions for soft and medium/hard water. ENERGY proKliks and BRILLIANT proKliks, an innovative biodegradable dishwashing detergent and a rinse aid with great foam-controlling abilities, are perfectly suited for soft water conditions. The equivalent for medium to hard water conditions are ENERGY topKliks and BRILLIANT topKliks. The concentrated products enable a reduction by 1/3 of the dosage and come in a compact 5 litre box. Starting from Q1/2018 the Kliks system will be also available for energy and resource saving mechanical laundry washing. Combining sustainability and highest quality of the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM formulas, Kliks is credited with PLATINUM in material health, assuring that all ingredients are safe for human health and environment.

The Kliks System complements the green care PROFESSIONAL range that is conceived and produced according to the green-Effective promise. This promise that we give as an Eco-Pioneer positively impacts the formulas and the packaging. Moreover it is reflected in our EMAS-validated production sites in Mainz and Hallein and our headquarters in Mainz that has obtained the “LEED Platinum” award.