Simpler cleaning with the green-Effective TRAINING APP

tana-Chemie / Werner & Mertz PROFESSIONAL counts on digital learning success and ensures user safety with an entertaining app

Safe, clean and fast are words the cleaning industry likes to hear in connection with a product's performance. But what about the performance of their employees? At Interclean 2018 in Amsterdam tana-Chemie and Werner & Mertz PROFESSIONAL are presenting a newly developed app based on the QR codes introduced last year. "We see the green-Effective TRAINING APP as a type of platform for self-guidance in daily work," says Frank Vancraeyveld, managing director of the Werner & Mertz PROFESSIONAL business.


green-Effective PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR gives plastic waste a value

Nominated for the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2018, tana-Chemie/Werner & Mertz PROFESSIONAL turns award-winning product design into a true benefit for cleaning companies.

Green procurement is now a key issue for building cleaners, especially when participation in public tenders comes into play. Environmentally friendly products with the lowest possible CO2 emissions and careful conservation of raw materials help to meet the sustainability standards for professional cleaning of schools and other public buildings.
A new way of thinking is required that does not focus on price alone, but also considers the sustainability of cleaning products.