green-Effective PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR gives plastic waste a value

Nominated for the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2018, tana-Chemie/Werner & Mertz PROFESSIONAL turns award-winning product design into a true benefit for cleaning companies.

Green procurement is now a key issue for building cleaners, especially when participation in public tenders comes into play. Environmentally friendly products with the lowest possible CO2 emissions and careful conservation of raw materials help to meet the sustainability standards for professional cleaning of schools and other public buildings.
A new way of thinking is required that does not focus on price alone, but also considers the sustainability of cleaning products.

tana-Chemie, the PROFESSIONAL division of Werner & Mertz, took up the challenge and developed a tool that shows down to the gram the exact savings on crude oil, plastics and CO2 when products from the green care PROFESSIONAL line are used. The green care PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR ascertains the crude oil savings from the packaging weight, product ingredients and the share of recyclates contained in the packaging and converts them into CO2 equivalents. The customer obtains a summary of a measurable, certified value and meaningful evidence of the actual efficiency of green products. The calculator is available free of charge on the Internet at .

"The calculator helps to ensure access to the sustainability market of tomorrow and supports companies with public tenders, offers and green branding," said Frank Vancraeyveld, managing director of Werner & Mertz PROFESSIONAL with headquarters in Mainz. "The impact is already being felt beyond the cleaning industry." Werner Schulze, managing director of tana-Chemie GmbH, added, "The whole world is talking about the concept of a circular economy and is searching for solutions. We have already developed solutions, including the world's first packaging of 100 percent HDPE recyclates in 2016 and recently the first five-liter canister made of 50 percent HDPE recyclates. With the green-Effective PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR our customers can secure a real business advantage for themselves by using our products!"

In light of the obvious environmental problem caused by plastic waste, Vancraeyveld and Schulze expect a fast shift in the market toward recyclable products. Precursors to this development include Germany's tougher waste management act and packaging regulations. Driven by market regulations and political policy, the circular economy will become the industry standard within the foreseeable future.

Another award for the Recyclate Initiative?
Public tenders at a European level within the scope of Green Public Procurement already require the closed- loop design of products and certification according to the Cradle-to-Cradle® principle.

In the Recyclate Initiative, established in 2012, Werner & Mertz and its partners Green Dot and ALPLA are showing the way to a true circular economy. In recognition of the Initiative's exemplary efforts, Werner & Mertz has already picked up two important awards this year. For the development of 100% HDPE recyclate bottles from the Yellow Bag, the corporate group won the World Packaging Award from the World Packaging Organization (WPO). More recently it was awarded the industry prize "Plastics Recycling Award Europe 2018" for the best recyclate trade product made of 100% rHDPE. At this year's Interclean, another prize could be added. The green-Effective PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR has been nominated for the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2018.

Awards aside, the company considers it more important to see used plastic as a product, not as waste. "To put plastic waste to use as a resource, stakeholders have to take action at the right time," says Reinhard Schneider, owner and managing partner of the Werner & Mertz Group. "We give plastic waste a value and keep the planet clean. That value remains in a closed loop and everyone shares the economic benefit for a cleaner future for people and the planet."

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