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More Efficiency with Ease
Quick & Easy – Load cartridge and “foam spray”

Our innovative system offers a unique concept for efficient and ergonomic cleaning with exact dosing, mobile use and clever packaging design. The varied and easily switched cartridges in the Quick & Easy system make your work simple and efficient. Thanks to certified products with bottles made of recyclate (Cradle to Cradle® & EU Ecolabel), you do your part in protecting the environment. 

Improve your productivity

Foam Spray Nozzle

  • Water and concentrate are mixed right in the spray nozzle
  • Prevents aerosol in the air
  • Better adhesion on surfaces to be cleaned
  • Free basic equipment of foam spray nozzles

Dosing with Ease

  • Integrated exact dosing reduces application costs
  • Optimum cleaning performance is guaranteed
  • Automatic lock when water or concentrate cartridge is empty
  • Immediate display when refill is needed

Safety Closure

  • No-leak cartridge
  • Co contact with concentrate
  • Change cartridge very easily
  • Maximum user safety

Highly Concentrated

  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • Certified formulars

Water cartridge

  • Mobile – can be refilled with water anywhere
  • Reduces carrying weight and saves steps
  • Cartridges made of 100% recyclate

Exchangeable Cartridges

  • Fast and efficient
  • Never again germ-laden liquids
  • Complete emptying
  • Cartridges made of 100% recyclate