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  • LEED
    ISO 14001
    Nordic Swan
  • ISO 50001
    A.I.S.E. - Charter
    DIN ISO 9001

Living Family Tradition of Sustainable Values


We assume social responsibility in many different ways. Our user-friendly and environmentally sound products are the result of a responsible manufacturing process which carefully balances benefits and risks.

We take care of our employees by guaranteeing a continuous workplace health promotion, offering performance-related wages, ensuring appropriate labour conditions, and promoting a permanent professional education. Our employees have an average of 16 years of service at Werner & Mertz and some families have been a part of the company for over three or four generations. These facts and figures reflect the overall positive attitude and good cooperation within our comapny.

At Werner & Mertz, we take seriously our commitment to the environment. We collaborate in ambient protection projects as well as are engaged in the protection of communities.

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CSR at Werner & Mertz Professional

Willem Lageweg, Director MVO Nederland, talks about the Corporate Social Responsibility at Werner & Mertz and how it relates to all elements of the company.