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Highest Performance in sanitary cleaning

Tana-Chemie is presenting its next innovation at the CMS Trade Fair in Berlin. With SANET extreme, the most powerful sustainable sanitary high-performance cleaner, Green Care Professional is setting new standards in sanitary cleaning. „We are proud of the achievements in our own development department. We were able to set a milestone in combining performance and sustainability with SANET extreme. Awarded the EU Ecolabel, we are not only comparably strong to one of the strongest non-sustainable competitor products in lime solution, but also outperform it in lime soap removal. Tests show we are almost twice as fast,” reports Bianca Nerowski, Head of Product Management Tana-Chemie.

Highest cleaning performance

Its unique formulation based on methanesulfonic acid and lactic acid enables highest cleaning performance and yet SANET extreme is completely biodegradable.

The performance tests conducted by an independent institute confirm internal results: SANET extreme has been proven to achieve the best limescale dissolution values. It even performs significantly better than sustainable competitor products. Of course, the sanitary high-performance cleaner is EU Ecolabel certified.

Does not compromise on performance and sustainability: SANET extreme. © Tana-Chemie GmbH

Economical and time saving

SANET extreme effortlessly and extremely quickly removes all typical soiling and incrustations in the sanitary area, such as lime soap residues, urine scale, cosmetic residues or rust. The fact that SANET extreme works faster against lime soap than competitive products on the market has also been proven by an independent institute. The effective and residue-free removal of mineral and organic soiling achieves a natural easy-to-clean effect, with water consistently beading off sanitary objects, fittings and surfaces. The sanitary surfaces shine without reworking.

Sustainable and value-preserving

Thanks to its gentle formulation, SANET extreme helps to preserve the value of typical sanitary fixtures such as chrome fittings, ceramic tiles and porcelain objects. Sustainably designed, 58% of the organic carbon in SANET extreme comes from plant-based, regenerative sources.

With SANET extreme, the innovative sanitary high-performance cleaner and descaler, Green Care Professional once again proves that sustainability and maximum cleaning power are not a contradiction in terms.

Lime soap removal: Faster than sustainable and non-sustainable products, SANET removes extreme lime soap stains in test based on IKW method for quality recommendation for bathroom cleaners. © Tana-Chemie GmbH

Green spring – green kitchen hygiene: get ready for Easter

In a spring-like atmosphere, braised leg of lamb with beans wrapped in bacon or roast hare attract guests to restaurants at Easter time. These culinary delights can be a real challenge when it comes to keeping the filled dining room and kitchen in a hygienic condition. But how can a perfect festive table be presented while also keeping costs low and protecting the environment?

A beautiful table for guests – and the environment

At the first glance at the restaurant table, the guest gets a sense of how hygienic and qualitative work is done. Strict hygiene regulations apply in the catering industry, plates, cutlery, glasses and other containers that come into direct contact with the guest’s order must always be spotless before use. With the choice of the right dishwashing concept, shiny glasses and dishes as well as impeccable cutlery are no problem – not even for the environment.

Sustainable cleaners and rinse aids offer the ideal solution for removing stubborn organic, greasy and oily soiling. They are based on renewable and biodegradable raw materials and do not contain harmful ingredients such as NTA, EDTA and phosphate.  High concentrates save storage capacity and packaging. It is important that the cleaners are matched to the water hardness present in order to achieve optimum results.

For a perfectly clean kitchen area

Tools, surfaces, floors in the kitchen area always require perfect hygiene. How can all contaminated surfaces and machines be kept clean quickly, safely and sustainably? A degreasing kitchen cleaner quickly removes both oil- and grease-containing soiling and stubborn encrustations, especially in the stove and grill area, from all waterproof and alkali-resistant surfaces. Sustainable formulations for use in the food sector on work surfaces or floors are based mainly on renewable, plant-based ingredients, such as sugar-based surfactants or foam-inhibiting soaps made from coconut ingredients.

For example, ready-to-use cleaners are ideal for cleaning kitchen surfaces. Here are some selection criteria:

  • Immediately ready for use, they allow direct application without intermediate steps in a few seconds – without the risk of incorrect dosing.
  • They contain no fragrances and the foam application keeps aerosol formation to a minimum, so the air quality is not affected.
  • Cradle to Cradle and EU Ecolabel certificates are a guarantee for environmentally friendly product quality.

Keeping contact surfaces clean

In the guest area, countless contact surfaces and objects are touched intensively and frequently by both guests and staff: Tables, chairs, armrests, menus, spice grinders, door handles, light switches, etc. They require cleaning at regular intervals or even after each use. With little effort, these surfaces can be treated, for example, with a ready-to-use foam cleaner such as Tanet interior Quick & Easy. The advantage here is that the formation of aerosols in the air is avoided. Easy to handle due to the integrated exact dosage, costly overdosing is prevented, thus enabling low application costs. Ideally designed for mobile and ergonomic use, Tanet interior Quick & Easy is also Cradle to Cradle® and EU Ecolabel certified – safe for the guest, the user and the environment.

No fears of stains

In addition to tableware and cutlery, tablecloths and napkins are another important indicator of cleanliness. Cleaning restaurant linens should by no means sacrifice sustainability either. For effortless removal of greasy, protein-based soiling and food residues, pretreatment before washing with a ready-to-use stain remover is recommended. Material and environmentally friendly, Solus multi is mainly based on renewable raw material sources and is free of bleaching additives and optical brighteners. It also supports the washing action of the detergent.

Sustainably designed powder detergents are ideal for cleaning restaurant laundry and offer several advantages.

  • Natural enzymes deliver bright white linens and effortlessly remove even heavily encrusted food residues such as grease, protein, blood, etc. from as low as 30°C.
  • They are based on biodegradable, even plant-based surfactants and complexing agents, which allows effective washing of all textiles and effortlessly removes all types of stains such as wine, tea, coffee or lipstick.
  •  They do not contain microplastics, EDTA, NTA, phosphate and chlorine-containing compounds. EDTA and chlorine-containing compounds massively pollute the environment and are hardly biodegradable. . 

The comprehensive range of Green Care Professional offers suitable products for all challenges in the kitchen and guest room. Sustainability is achieved without compromising performa, thanks to modern formulations. For a green spring in both senses of the word.