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Pioneer for more than 50 years:
A company with a vision

For more than 150 years, the family-owned Werner & Mertz GmbH has been successful in the market with its umbrella brand and as the European forerunner in innovations for the cleaning industry. Founded in 1971, Tana-Chemie GmbH offers products tailored to professional cleaning services.

Our established brands Green Care Professional and Tana Professional, supported by highly qualified and motivated employees, represent the entire company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. We are driven by our desire to make a sustainable lifestyle attainable for the majority even beyond the boundaries of our brand. 

Together we are on the way to becoming the European market and innovation leader in professional cleaning. In our sector we will succeed with exemplary ecological products and concepts designed and developed for the circular economy. Based on our many years of experience, we provide our customers with comprehensive, customized and integrally sustainable hygiene solutions that contribute to their success. 

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In its Sustainability Roadmap, the Werner & Mertz Group has set concrete medium and long-term goals to be achieved by 2025. The goal selection is oriented toward the strategic areas of action for the Group.

Detailed information can be found at our sustainability portal

Areas of Action

  • Werner & Mertz is successful because we adhere to the highest standards of sustainability and thus earn our consumers’ trust in our products and brands. For you and your employees who prove our sustainability claims day after day we bear a very special responsibility.

    Integrity and Responsibility

  • Our greatest marketing achievement on behalf of our customers is the “democratization of sustainability.” We have been able to present technically complex sustainability concepts so positively and credibly to consumers that they feel good about using our products. If sustainability is to go mainstream, we have to dispel the notion that the choice is “green” or “clean”. With products from Werner & Mertz, consumers do not have to make compromises on cleaning performance or quality.

    Products and

  • The responsible handling of resources is another part of a sustainable lifestyle. Our EMAS-validated production sites are guided by the maxim “Doing the right things right.” Through the resource-conserving use of raw materials we achieve the maximum effect with our work and make sure that the environment – local and global – can maintain its equilibrium.

    Production and Environment

  • Sustainable thinking and doing are at the core of our corporate culture. We measure all our decisions against the primacy of sustainability and promote sustainable ideas without fear of making rectifiable errors. This attitude not only shapes our relationships and cooperation but also informs our holistic view of individuals.

    Cultureand Employees

  • We want to make a sustainable way of life possible for the majority of society and in the process contribute to solving pressing environmental problems like the polluting of our oceans. One way we achieve that is with our Open Innovation strategy in which we make environmental innovations accessible to other market participants beyond the boundaries of our brands and our company.

    Engagement and Society