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Tana Professional:
Our problem solver for every purpose 

Tana Professional has a long history of documented customer satisfaction and high quality products. For more than 50 years, Tana has been our proven cleaning brand. For special cleaning and care products or disinfectants, the problem solver Tana Professional meets the needs of every sector and ensures long-term value retention. 

Three steps to greater

safety in everyday work

Guaranteeing proper hygiene is more important than ever in public areas, offices, retail and commercial space, hotels and restaurants.
With Tana Professional, we offer you perfect protection for every area. 

  • 1
    Regular cleaning

    Regular cleaning reduces bacterial loads.

  • 2
    Surface disinfection

    Surface disinfectants are recommended for heavily used surfaces on a regular basis.

  • 3
    Hand hygiene and hand disinfection

    Hand hygiene and supplemental hand disinfection for personal protection.