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Multipurpose emulsion polish

Order numbers:
5 l
10 l
  • Protection
  • Care
  • Cleaning

Product profile

  • LONGLIFE B250 has versatile properties which reduce additional handling, time and costs.
  • LONGLIFE B250 forms a low-slip (according to DIN51131), robust protective layer with a light silk shine.
  • Suitable for all waterproof floorings, especially where a non-slip finish is required.
  • LONGLIFE B250 protects floorings against wear and tear and produces a preservation of the original floorings with the combination of cleaning and care.
  • The particular formula  of LONGLIFE B250 is suited as maintenance cleaner and is easy and quick in application.
  • Occasional polishing (400–1000 UPM) enhances the look and compacts the applied protection film which extends the durability of the surface.

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