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Extensive Service
Based on unique expertise

Our passion for cleanliness and our decades of experience in the cleaning industry make us the perfect contact for all your issues. With us you benefit from efficient and innovative products and a complete service portfolio too.

Our Service Portfolio:

For your satisfaction and efficiency

  • Our qualified advisors closely examine your cleaning services and help you to optimize them.

    • Object files contain detailed information about your object, processes and the products you use.
    • Usage technicians advise you on site.

    Top advice

  • When you need recommendations, cleaning or outbreak plans, we use our expertise to optimize your offers and solve your application problems.


  • Sustainability is becoming more important for society and businesses. Only those companies that can credibly convey their sustainability efforts will realize a competitive advantage. We’ll help you to do just that!

    • Performance Calculator to figure out potential improvement to you ecological footprint
    • Certificate that proves your responsible resource management with the use of our products


  • We’ll be happy to bring you and/or your employees up to date in the cleaning industry.

    • Training programs in our Green Care Academy.
    • Current information from our newsletter Tana informiert


  • Do you have any problems or questions about handling our products?

    • We’ll provide dosing systems at no cost via a leasing agreement
    • Emergency service if dosing system fails or malfunctions


  • We offer extensive services to set up and maintain first-class hygiene standards.

    • On-site consulting by trained disinfection specialists
    • Examination and documentation in hygiene audits
    • Microbiological testing