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The Triple as an alcohol cleaner

More powerful, more economical, and more sustainable.
The updated formulation of TANET SR 13, optimized for sustainability, shows: performance and sustainability work hand in hand! TANET SR 13 is now available as Green Care Professional and has not only been awarded the EU Ecolabel, but also scores highly in terms of economy and performance.

Economy as a plus in the tender
Public sector tenders increasingly call for sustainable products, especially alcohol cleaners. With its optimized dosage, TANET SR 13 is a hot candidate for winning tenders and is particularly economical to use in maintenance cleaning. The EU Ecolabel and the bottle made of 100 % recycled plastic underline the sustainability of the product..

Dosage halved and still improved performance
The perfect combination of surfactants and alcohol ensure optimum cleaning performance with easy distribution of cleaning solution. With fast streak-free drying and gloss retention, TANET SR 13 is equally suitable for floors and surfaces. The fresh fragrance rounds off the cleaning.