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APESIN rapid

APESIN rapid

Liquid quick acting disinfecting surface cleaner

Order numbers:
5 l
5 l
2 l bottle
  • Economic
  • Very efficient
  • Dermatologically tested

Product profile

  • APESIN rapid is a surface disinfecting cleaner with a broad activity at a very low application concentration thanks to special combination of active ingredients.
  • Preventive against skin/foot pathogens.
  • APESIN rapid has an excellent cleaning action together with high material compatibility. It has a good sensory acceptance among staff using the product and patients.
  • It can be used in remote metering equipment (BAM-tested = Federal Institute of Materials Testing and Research). When using the 2L dosing bottle, the integral dosing device makes metering simple and reliable. It is highly cost-effective and extremely economical because of the low concentration used, together with the fast.

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