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APESIN sanol Quick & Easy

APESIN sanol Quick & Easy

Foaming sanitary disinfectant cleaner

Order numbers:
325 ml
  • Descaling power
  • Cleaning and disinfecting in one step
  • Highly efficient

Product profile

  • Sanitary disinfectant cleaner with a broad activity against bacteria, yeast, viruses (limited spectrum) in medical, institutional, and public areas.
  • APESIN sanol Quick & Easy dissolves quickly and easily mineral soiling like scale, lime soap deposits, and rust, as well as organic soiling, like grease and proteinic deposits.
  • APESIN sanol Quick & Easy ensures effective disinfecting and cleaning results in one step.
  • The high concentrated formulation minimizes transport weight, and leads to a lower inventory.
  • The Quick & Easy portable dosing system offers accurate and safe dosage.
  • By the elimination of ingredients, such as aldehyde, phenol, alcohol, and chlorine there is no odour nuisance.
  • No aerosol thanks to innovation foam solution and therefore perfectly suitable in large-scale areas.

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