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High performance kitchen degreaser

Order numbers:
2 l
  • Outstanding performance
  • Saving packaging waste
  • Safe closed-loop

Product profile

  • GREASE starKliks degreases easily various alkaline resistant surfaces and equipments within the kitchen and food processing areas without leaving residues, making working easier with one single product.
  • GREASE starKliks is easy to use and can be applied manually and mechanically (e.g. with sprayer or foam pistols).
  • Meanwhile enhancing the work safety, it achieves very good results when used on stubborn incrustations. In particular for stove and grill areas.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, and due to its specific conception, which makes the use of this product suitable for food processing areas, GREASE starKliks takes on the responsibility for future generations.
  • GREASE starKliks is part of the Kliks system which allows a controlled dosing for maximum application safety, a full cost-control and an attractive cost-in-use, while minimizing waste volumes.

Certifications & Awards

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