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Care product for stainless steel

Order numbers:
500 ml
500 ml
  • One-step cleaning
  • Care & polish
  • Less re-soiling

Product profile

  • Excellent care, polish and protection for all metal surfaces in one step e.g. stainless steel and anodic aluminium.
  • INOXOL care quickly removes light residues, discolorations, streaks and spots.
  • The product leaves the treated surface with a uniform and shiny appearance without leaving oily / greasy residues.
  • INOXOL care does not contain abrasives or polishing agents, therefore no risk of scratches.
  • Special care components protect metal surfaces lastingly from water stains and dust and delay the usual re-soiling, metal oxidation and discoloring.
  • Easy and safe application due to the trigger bottle (ready to use).

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