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Emulsion polish for sport floorings

Order numbers:
10 l
  • Slip resistance
  • Highly elastic
  • Easy application

Product profile

  • LONGLIFE sport is a specific emulsion polish designed to meet the special needs of modern sport hall floorings.
  • The highly elastic protective film of LONGLIFE sport shows no sign of brittleness at any time during its use and even retains its whole flexibility during heavy use.
  • LONGLIFE sport is tested and approved in accordance with DIN 18032-2.
  • LONGLIFE sport protects floorings against high mechanical strains and early erosions.
  • The silky protection film of LONGLIFE sport can be polished and additionally enables  a quick and simple spot renovation. This is important when the sport hall is working to full capacity or is used as a multi-purpose-hall.
  • Occasional polishing (400 UPM) enhances the look and compacts the applied protection film which extends the durability of the surface.
  • LONGLIFE sport is easy and fast in application, shows an excellent flow and steady look after drying.

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