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SANET star

SANET star

High Performance Sanitary Cleaner and Descaler

Order numbers:
1 l
10 l
  • Fast
  • Outstanding performance
  • Extra fresh scent

Product profile

  • The new Sanet star stands out for faster and stronger action against lime scale and a long-lasting fresh fragrance.
  • Due to its new, improved formula Sanet star reaches best results, primarily regarding lime scale deposits.
  • Additionally, lime soap residues, urine scale, rust, cement dust, skin fat etc. are removed easily
  • Thus Sanet star bears all important product values of an effective, economical and time-saving sanitary cleaner.
  • At the same time, the material preserving formulation contributes to a value conserving cleaning of all typical soilings in the sanitary area.
  • The new fragrance deodorizes efficiently and leaves an intensive and long-lasting pleasant scent.

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