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SOFT absolut provence

SOFT absolut provence

Ready-to-use concentrated fabric softener

Order numbers:
2 l
20 l
  • Concentrated
  • Economical
  • Antistatic

Product profile

  • SOFT absolut provence is a powerful ready-to-use softener. 2L of this product are as good as 10 L of a regular softener.
  • Its anti-static agents allows the removal of static cling and eases  calendering and ironing.
  • SOFT absolut provence leaves the laundry smooth and soft, thanks to its highly concentrated formula .
  • Its lavender fragrance has been designed to leave a pleasant and long-lasting odor on fabrics and is  both easy-to-use and economical.
  • Thanks to its integrated dosing head SOFT absolut provence is especially designed to release the appropriate quantity of softener for a 5kg-washing.
  • * Upside-down 2 liter bottle: SOFT absolut fresh is easy to dose thanks to the integrated cap on the upside-down 2 liter bottle; it delivers the exact dose for 5 kg of dirty laundry.
  • * Canister: ideally suited for applications with automatic dosing systems considering the recommended dosing.

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